Wandering Wisemen

Wandering Wisemen

As they embark upon this year’s quest to follow the star, our friends, in the the spirit of 2020, decide to leverage new technologies.

However, as Franklin the camel points out, there are numerous Google Maps entries for Bethlehem, and so the adventure continues.

Our travelers are thrilled to find a box of supplies to guide them through the season of Advent.

Impressed by the scaffolding, Melchoir suggested that the troop head up to the top in search of the star.

Franklin the camel, however, reminded everyone that they did not have the requisite hard hats

In the search for provisions, our travelers were delighted to discover this bounty shared with those in need every Sunday evening.

As temperatures drop, our friends were glad to see that there are coats, hats, and mittens available for distribution to those who might need them

Our friends were sad to see the sanctuary so empty, but Franklin reminded them that there are many ways to God.

Apprehensively, our friends approached the edge of the bowl wondering what manner of beast might need such a large quantity of water to slake its thirst.

It didn’t turn out to be that much of a beast.

Impatient for snow, our traveling friends decide to create angels in the oatmeal. Franklin wisely suggests waiting for the impending forecasted snow

Two weeks into their journey, our friends decided to use their day of rest for a little personal care time.