Flooding of 2022

Pipe Break 2022

August 2023

After many months, we are able to start re-construction! The majority of the work is happening in the basement first so we can work towards getting the Linn Community Food Bank back into their space, since they were moved to the other side of the building during demolition and clean up. We are able to see walls coming together in the LL bathrooms and are very excited to continue the progress! 

January 2023

The damage from the pipe break was extensive and we are learning we have a long journey ahead of us. The affected rooms were the Food Bank, a few classrooms, the choir room, all in the lower level and the office area and kitchen on the main floor. We are working with contractors to get a plan in action to build back. Stay tuned for more updates! 

Dec 27, 2022

Some of you may have heard we had a pipe burst in the church… It was a surprise to come in to after the holiday weekend, but we had some amazing volunteers working hard all day and a restoration team getting to work as well. We have a long road of recovery, but we’ve made it through floods and the derecho, we will make it through this as well!