Children & Youth


The Children’s, Youth and Family Ministries are responsible for the Christian nurture and faith development of our children and youth.  The ministry develops and maintains a variety of programs for children and youth birth through twelfth grade.   At First Presbyterian Church children and youth are valued as vital members of our community of faith.  The Children’s, Youth and Family Ministries, guided by the Christian Education Board, takes seriously its commitment to children and youth – the commitment to provide a safe environment for our children and youth to experience the love of God and to grow in faith.  We work to ensure our children and youth are grounded in biblical knowledge, nurtured in age-level appropriate theology, and exposed to a variety of opportunities to learn about and participate in the life of the church, as well as in mission and outreach.

Our Vision Statement for our Children’s, Youth and Family Ministries is as follows:

First Presbyterian Church will provide a fun and supportive community for today’s families; based on meaningful connections, authentic discipleship, and loving service that is rooted in God’s word and creates a pathway of hope for our children’s future.

Our Mission Statement is very simple:

Experiencing Jesus, Connecting With Others