Pasrur Pakistan

Pasrur Pakistan

For several years First Presbyterian has supported Pasrur Christian Girl’s School, located in Pasrur, Pakistan.  If you would like to learn more concerning Pasrur Christian Girl’s School contact First Presbyterian and we would be delighted to provide that information.  Sponsorship provides a student with tuition, room and board, and incidental expenses for the entire year.  Your gift will provide hope for the girls and their communities.

In addition, First Presbyterian Church (and the PCUSA) is now supporting the building of a school for boys in Pakistan.  Here are some of the details of this project:

In Pakistan, boys and girls cannot go to school together after 5th grade and so the boys are turned away from the Pasrur Christian Girls High School (PCGHS) after 5th grade. Because the government schools are often dysfunctional, boys do not have good options beyond PCGHS. It has long been a dream of Pasrur families to have a school building for the boys 6th-10th so that boys can continue to get an education.

The Pasrur Christian Boys School (PCBS) building project (Phase I) would fulfill that dream.

It includes four classrooms, a computer lab, a science lab, the principal’s office, a secretary’s office, and a lavatory. Boys from 6th – 10th grade (10th grade is the end of their high school) would be able to graduate.

This is Phase I of the project. The other two phases would add more classrooms, a library and a multi-purpose hall.

If you would like to know more about this school or the Phases of this project, you can find more information here.